Industrial sliding door series

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Industrial sliding doors.
1, a sliding door
The total thickness of 40mm + 1mm double 0.5mm thick steel, painted steel, coating from top to bottom for polyester coating, primer, passivation, galvanized layer, orange peel embossing, positive and negative pressure noodle shaped reinforced door strength. Between the two layers of steel plate with rigid polyurethane foam material, density of about 40kg/ cubic meters, heat conduction coefficient is less than 0.033W/m.k. In the installation position with continuous steel hinge, hinge installation to ensure the firm. In the 5m above the door, each in a side door plank set high 80mm reinforced to ensure that the door has a wind resistance strength of more than twelve. In the door at the bottom with three segmented ethylene propylene diene rubber sealing strip, the sealing strip is equipped with airbags. The two side head are Delta =1.0mm galvanized steel head piece.
2, hardware fittings:
The door hinge for hot dip galvanized cold rolled steel sheet stamping. Material thickness =2.0mm, plating thickness is more than 28µ M. Guide for =2mm hot rolling galvanized steel 3 inch industrial door special guide rail; cross sectional shape with anti decoupling, in order to ensure the smooth operation of the guide rails guide rail plate rolling; for the production of =2mm hot dip galvanized steel sheet, plate is arranged on the side of the sealing rubber mounting hole slot and connected with the guide rail; the wheel. With a dedicated 72mm industrial door wheel, guide wheel material for wear-resistant nylon, roller bearings, smooth operation, no noise. The rest of the hardware parts are made of galvanized steel stamping production, accurate size, good interchangeability.
3, balance system:
Sliding doors with torsion spring balance, the balance of the torsion spring according to the heavy load calculation and design of torsion spring production, so that to achieve the best balance state. Torsion spring materials imported 60si2Mn spring steel production, to ensure that the service life of more than 80000 cycles. Sliding door balance shaft with 25.4 solid steel, which is provided with a torsion spring breakage protection device on the balance shaft, the torsion spring balance device can prevent the door broken, fall; hoisting rope round aluminium cylindrical rope wheel.
To enhance the safety coefficient of the steel wire rope is 5 times larger than the weight of the door, and set the cable breakage in the door, the door to ensure safe operation.
4, a sliding door safety protection device:
Firstly, with the airbag in the bottom of the door, close the door in the process of encounter obstacles can automatically reverse operation to a fully open position;
Second, a blade type wire rope breaking protector in the bottom of the door at the end of two, when the rope breaks, the door body movement speed, the device can cut rails, door stop falling;
Disengage the clutch device, with the motor, switch to manual, manual operation of door body movement.
5, sealing strip:
The top and the two side are set three EPDM rubber seal, set up three yuan of ethylene propylene rubber airbag and sealing wing in the bottom part of the door body, to make sure that the door body and building the good seal.
6, industrial sliding operation:
Lift door operation control and electric control mode:
1) manual control mode: manually complete the door up and down, power outages, the door can be opened manually. Electric control: (2) based on the manual control on the door) in each frame (inside) are equipped with standard operating button box, through the control button on the case, the next button to start, stop, door body. And in the door body running to the set position, automatic stop.
Manual / automatic switch: clutch disengaged device is arranged in a motor, when there is a power failure with manual clutch disengaging device, the drive from the electric switch to manual, the manual operation of the door opening and closing.
A sliding door, professional technology, professional service, professional production mode, has been at the forefront of the industry!
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