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1 a translation door widely used in industrial workshop, pay attention to machinery, shipbuilding and aircraft hangars and other places.
2 according to the building entrance memory space to choose one-way or two-way single fan or fan overlap;
Open line or straight line and curve combination;
The 3 door bearing structure can be divided into the upper bearing and the lower bearing;
Dream on the bearing sliding door:
The top slide and hanging round hanging door, ground guide;
With small friction resistance, light and open and close torque is small, stable, low noise characteristics of slide away from the movement of goods;
The allowable range can be achieved without ground track forms, science, aesthetics;
In permitting, we suggest using the bearing;
A bearing sliding door:
The ground track support; the top guide;
Suitable for large or heavy sliding door and the building can not meet the needs of the bearing.
5 dreams of sliding door body with insulation industrial door or wall panel, can also be used PC plate and organic or tempered glass and other new materials;
6 frames can be selected according to the high strength aluminum or other metal gate size;
7 way and hanging round and other important hardware system are imported from Finland helaform sliding door system K---150 (200kg);
K300 (400kg) k---500 (600kg) and MPT600 series products;
The 8 door sealing oil resin, rubber and other forms of module and brush;
9 power system 748 Italy FAAC using sliding door gear motor (500kg746 (600kg) type 860 (1200kg) 844 (1800kg) and the turbine used in greater weight of the German SEW1.5KW2.2KW3.0KW drive motor;
10 control system can implement a variety of ways to control according to the form and the needs of the security system; you can choose to install infrared protector, warning lights;
A sliding door, welcome to purchase!
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