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Hydraulic unloading platform

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A hydraulic unloading platform is the use of hydraulic power unit, by the main cylinder the unloading platform board surface uplift, the small cylinder slightlywill build board, and through the unloading platform drop, the ride to the carriage end plate, to complete the action. Electric hydraulic type is the most commonly used, is the most widely used unloading platform, its stable performance, simple operation, stable running, and the repair rate is low, maintenance simple.
1 platform structure with surface structure design of whole platform with high tensile strength, surface pattern board panel. At the bottom of the panel frame adopts the unique "I" type steel support structure, the distribution of effective resolution, to reduce the backbone torsion. Table static force from 8 tons to 15 tons, the dynamic load from 5 tons to 10 tons.
2 open loose joint structure is composed of high tensile strength steel plate pattern, with a diameter of 25-30mm (1 "-1.2") of high strength galvanized steel connecting shaft. Open loose joints than conventional tube welding joint, increase the welding area reached 300%, the force area increased by more than 2.5 times, so that a small set to increase up to 4 times the load bearing capacity and easy maintenance.
3 open pit base easy cleaning and maintenance.
4 power unit is composed of hydraulic systems and hydraulic pump station constitute integral. The power unit installed on the discharge platform, the installation position is higher than the pit bit plane, away from the trash and debris.
5 power allocation we can provide two kinds of power allocation for the customer to choose: 380V/50Hz/0.75Kw and 220V/50Hz/1.1Kw; are equipped with built-in overload protection of motor.
The hydraulic system of 6 type master cylinder with inner diameter of 63mm (2-1/2 "), the auxiliary oil cylinder diameter is 50mm (2"). Applicable to 40 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature. Single connection extended completely sealed hydraulic systems and hydraulic pump station of life, reduce maintenance costs.
7 push button switch control panel, easy operation. Each berth is arranged between the storage equipment interlocking device, to further enhance the safety.
8 independent leg structure design the patent of 28 tons (60600lbs.) structure of supporting leg, in the unloading process, when the truck suddenly left the platform unloading area, the supporting legs can make goods and forklift kept in the horizontal plane, to minimize accidents, ensure the safety of the operation.
9 anti pinch design of unloading platform on both sides of anti pinch plate, along the border with yellow / Black diagonal stripe warning, even rose to the highest when the large table, side also ensures that the lateral part of the completely closed, which can effectively avoid the risk of a bruised toe, can make the person, forklift, goods are fully protected.
10 assembly repair strut landing platform with strut assembly repair, in order to maintenance or pit cleaning, hold the unloading platform, to ensure the safety of operating personnel platform.
11 when a small float adjusted by pulling up on the back of the truck, vertical deflection, adjusted in the range of 100mm (4 ").
The 12 front anti-collision glue unloading platform equipped with two heavy anti-collision glue.
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