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Shanghai interpreta dream FengMen industrial door cover is not suitable for unloading platform directly installed in a building on the wall

Loading and unloading area for loading and unloading area provides a good solution of the heat preservation.

In piecesShear type frame structure

This kind of frame structure design, the standard extensions1Meters, the longest can cause4M;
In piecesFrame structure is firm

Frame structure by Yang grade alumina press forming, with good corrosion resistance, light but very solid;

In piecesHigh-performance polyester material

Outside the frame on both sides are high toughness, laceration resistant high quality polyester material;
In piecesPlastic composite wheel

Rail is installed on the plastic composite wheel, can be manual or electric operation;
In piecesAngle of stents

At the top of the vinyl cloth cover and a side door are made by aluminum Angle fixed bar is fixed on the frame structure.
Standard height is3450mm4800mm(floor);
Standard width is3450mm;
Standard depth of770mm;

Mechanical door cover between the vehicle and warehouse space has played a very good sealing effect.Rain loose with wear-resisting, tough fiber materials can not only will completely closed truck or container area, at the same time, it can withstand strong wind pressure, loading and unloading of canopy can also withstand strong snow pressure.Windproof, rainproof, dustproof, and cut off the external heat preservation of cold storage air inside the cold air.But also improve the working environment, help to energy conservation and the operation of the warehouse operation.
  In some of the cargo, loading and unloading platform can be moved to the outside of the building, with loading and unloading of rain loose form room of loading and unloading, such doing can effectively reduce platform takes warehouse space.At the same time handling room can be mobile.For the loading and unloading of goods and vehicles brought many convenient berth.

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