Dust soft door curtain

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Soft curtain design, installation, disassembly simple, relying on existing structures can be added, durable, low cost. With thermal insulation, pest control, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti wind, anti ultraviolet light, sound, lighting and other characteristics. Light is widely used in the textile workshop, workshop of pharmaceutical, food factory, electronic instrument workshop. Chemical industry, precision processing plant.
Cold soft curtain: Ultra cold curtain can still keep high flexibility at the temperature of -70 DEG C, personnel, vehicles and articles are easy to access, barrier effect, prevent the loss of cool air, a lot of energy saving;
Pest control curtain: special light orange curtain, insecticide, the insects away. Suitable for food processing, slaughtering and processing, feed processing and other places.
Antistatic soft curtain: no static friction, for it is strictly prohibited to use static electricity factory:
Anti arc soft curtain: can be used as a screen of welding area, allowing only the visible light transmission, filter out harmful ultraviolet rays, easy to observe the operating status and to prevent debris flying sparks, diffusion, to protect the safety of personnel, and prevent the occurrence of fire.
Compartment soft curtain is suitable for workshop space for temporary, permanent isolation. More convenient to disassemble, can machine compartment compartment, dust, air conditioning compartment, dustproof, mothproof, anti ultraviolet radiation, cold insulation insulation, high temperature resistance, alkali resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, high toughness, high elasticity, high transparency, avoid personnel, vehicle collision events, so as to improve work safety multi function, create a work environment
Integrated soft curtain split folding soft curtain: single type import and convenient folding soft curtain, even if it is not convenient to open the door can also be folded, personnel and push and pull cargo space can be achieved through the use of the environment, the sealing requirements of ideal. The folding part: using nylon four wheel bearing gravity mute 35kg pulley (each wheel is fixed a curtain, the absolute durable), slide with high-quality aluminum alloy, so that the sliding bearing and a perfect combination of!
Conjoined folding soft curtain:
The shade of PVC thin films by high frequency welding to connect the door sheet and sheet, because the connecting structure, compared with good air tightness and monolithic type folding screens, but no door closed case personnel and vehicles, which can be used for high dust and sealing place, such as laboratory, asepsis room, clean room clean room, constant temperature and humidity, and other requirements with special environmental requirements, the need to use to open the curtain to the folding. Application: This product is suitable for the use of dust, building insulation and noise reduction, maintenance and operation of equipment is easy to expand and collapse the curtain. For stacking goods import truck factory gate, and large equipment transportation. For you to effectively expand the door out of space, and convenient operation, can be expanded or folded curtain time, effectively improve the work efficiency. (according to customer requirements to design for you: unilateral, bilateral, multiple folding folding folding.) Advantages: saving the installation space than mobile keel, suitable for installation in entry along the bottom of the door 8 meters high, the following can be installed, easy to repair. Open the way for the manual, manual, electric etc..
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