Industrial sliding door series

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The performance of the door is wide:With insulation, cold insulation, insect-resistant, windproof, dustproof, sound insulation, fire prevention, prevent bad breath, daylighting, sealing, can resist the wind pressure, guard against theft, low noise, fast, open the high frequency, safety performance is good wait for a variety of functions.Can be widely used in electronics, machinery, chemicals, textiles, refrigeration, printing, food, car assembly, supermarkets, logistics, warehousing and other industries and clean workshop air conditioning workshop.High speed automatic open and close of the fast door, looking for strict quality management and high efficiency, thrift funds the place such as factories, warehouses, shops, effective opening and closing of the gateway is decided to the safety of the goods and the production and business operation efficiency is the biggest key.Fast than steel door shutter speed up20times,Implement each1hours100Open and close at high speed and high durability.In addition, through the open mouth with height adjustment function, shorten the inward and outward opening time, improve the efficiency of indoor air conditioning. The foreign bodies with control in a minimum of outdoor, at the same time, improve the work efficiency.To realize safe, clean, energy-efficient working environment, contribute to improve the quality of the product cut funding in.
Sealing performance is good:Door bottom is equipped with increasing gas insulation cloth, can be closely integrated with all sorts of uneven ground, good dust noise, wind heat preservation effect.
Good safety performance:
1.Under the door frame with infrared sensors (people, vehicle passes the hydrodynamic whereabouts)
2.There is pressure sensor at the bottom of the curtain, the hydrodynamic force down2Automatic rising kilograms.
3.Can install according to the size of the wind pressure automatic derailment system (hit stop automatically return), the hydrodynamic
4.Use low pressure safety power supply control system, earthing terminal shall provide the special ground connection.
Control mode: interpreta dreamCompany provides you with a variety of manual or automatic control system to satisfy the users across the hall way of open or open and close: 1.Push button2.Pull the cable3.Remote control type4.The circular type5.Photoelectric sensor6.The radar sensor7.Moving and interlock
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