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Industrial free door

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Eccentric shaft design using a free door, door closers device instead of the common, extend the service life of rotating part.
At the same time, the use of the self weight of the door automatically closed, after easily pushed through, the door will automatically return to the closed state, no rebound hit, enhanced its durability.
A free gate no maintenance, more suitable for use in a variety of environments.
Waterproof, anti rust, anti.
The 1 door core material, multilayer board as core material, double stick 1.mm304 stainless steel plate. Impact resistance.
Around 2 of the aluminum alloy groove and a rubber sealing strip.
3 double door with eccentric hinges on two sets, all stainless steel casting production.
The lower end of the 4 door 5mm rubber anti-collision plate, height of 0.5 meters, width according to the dimensions, the pros and cons of the two block.
5 in the middle of 5mm organic glass window.
6 the overall thickness of the 20mm
7 the door frame adopts 1.mmsusC stainless steel plate, the inner frame model is 100*50*50, 2mm thick C steel, with 8*100 iron expansion rod is fixed on the door.
The company also produces PC plate collision free door, door thickness 6mm.
Stainless steel heat preservation plate collision free door, door thickness 40mm
Organic glass can effectively prevent the door banged the door staff, also equipped with collision avoidance and collision avoidance in the cart can be directly hit the door, and, without the need for manual door.
Application of free door is very extensive, the field of all: food factory, warehouse, kitchen, restaurant, supermarket, channel, reception room, rest
A free door, free door to show your wonderful style!
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